Friday, June 11, 2010

Alright we are just over a month into this mommy business and I finally NOW have time to blog. The birth was so difficult... If you have seen the pictures on facebook you know that I look worn out beyond anything I have experienced and SO swollen. After over 5 bags of saline drip I had swollen to twice the size I was going into the hospital... my face and arms puffed up like crazy. It took about 10 days for that to wear off. My epidural is healed and I finally feel like me again. Went for a jog with lolli in the stroller yesterday. I am feeling it today but it was so worth it. I love the sunshine!! I needed to get outside.

Anyway here is some video of lolli being a big girl. If I lay her on me she will climb up my body until she can suck on my nose (a trick she must have picked up since daddy uses the tip of his nose to test whether lolli is really hungry). I love this precious little girl way too much.

This next video I let her really get moving but you will notice it ends quite abruptly. That would be because I have a really hard time letting lolli cry. Ha ha We are starting to sleep train her a little... not rigidly but just trying to get into good habits. She sleeps from about 8 pm to 1 am, then 1:30 to 4, then 4:30 to 7, then 7:30 to whenever she wants, usually around 10am. A couple naps during the day but never for more than a couple hours at once. And she has learned to put herself to sleep. I just lay her down when shes drowsy after i've fed her and she will go to bed on her own. This saves so much sleep... before i was rocking her for a half hour and then had to get to sleep myself... but now we just fall asleep at the same time! It took a little bit of crying to teach her that... which made me cry a lot. But now thats its over i realize its better for both of us. Mommy isnt so grouchy and baby isnt dependent on rocking. Way to go lolli!


  1. Katie! I found your blog through Andrea Wells blog :) Just wanted to say hey and love your blog! Lorelai is so precious!

  2. she is a doll Katie. congrats!

  3. Very cute Katie! I'm glad she's sleeping so much at night!

  4. Wow Katie, she is such a cutie! Congrats! I'm glad you are making it through the first few months, they are rough. I would love to come see her sometime!

  5. Okay, I don't have your email, and it's the middle of the night (I just fed Beni) and you're on my mind. Your mom told me a little bit about the "fussiness" (such a gentle word for all that you're dealing with). The only thing we found that seemed to help with Cody was Hyland's Colic Tablets (they make teething tablets too which might come in handy later) - they don't always have them at Wal-Mart, but Albertson's usually did. Gripe Water (has Fennel and Ginger in it) has also come highly recommended, though I only remember trying it once or twice. And Brian's cousin just told me that her Pediatrician recommended she take a Fennel supplement (found at health foods stores or GNC). Also - I was just talking to my lactation consultant on Friday and she told me not to worry about my diet - she said that most things we hear about our diet bothering the baby through our breastmilk is based on wives' tales and unless you or your husband have a severe allergy to something (making your baby more likely to have an allergy to it) you don't really need to avoid any foods in particular. Anyway - just a couple of things to try if you're interested :-)
    Also, don't be afraid to ask your doctor if there's anything he or she can do for you.
    It's a good thing they're so adorable, huh?
    Good luck and hang in there!