Wednesday, June 30, 2010

blonde or brunette?

You know what this is about... Its been 5 months since i've had my hair done and its gotta happen. Every time I think- alright I want it colored but what should i do? I know that I dont want highlights or multiple colors... however it is achieved I basically just want all of it one color. I am leaning toward blonde. Opinions?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

birthday boy!!

Chris' birthday was yesterday... 25 years!! A quarter of a century! We started the day off with a fry up and presents (most of which were clothes... he was in serious need... and some black licorice and german cookies) and then we had a world cup themed cake, and dinner out to Shoots. I was so impressed by the restaurant! Best chinese I've had in provo. We are continuing our shopping spree tonight thanks to some birthday money from my mom, grandma, and sister. thanks!!!

My knowledge of technology is struggling... I couldn't figure out why the pictures I downloaded onto facebook came out tiny, then i couldn't figure out why they wouldn't even let me put the pictures onto the blog, and now I cant understand why this video which is like one minute long is taking about 6 hours to download. I even tried it on both the PC and the Mac. Struggle. That's what happens when your husband gets an SLR camera and a mac and takes them with him to campus every day and then he knows how to use all of it and I sit in confusion. I am trying really hard to be tech savvy but I miss my desk top PC with windows and my canon camera with 4.5 mega pixels from high school... don't tell my husband I said so.

Lorelai is getting chunkier and chunkier. 12 lbs 3 oz last sat and continuing to gain weight rapidly. My favorite part is that her pucker is getting fatter and fatter. I love those squishy lips.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Alright we are just over a month into this mommy business and I finally NOW have time to blog. The birth was so difficult... If you have seen the pictures on facebook you know that I look worn out beyond anything I have experienced and SO swollen. After over 5 bags of saline drip I had swollen to twice the size I was going into the hospital... my face and arms puffed up like crazy. It took about 10 days for that to wear off. My epidural is healed and I finally feel like me again. Went for a jog with lolli in the stroller yesterday. I am feeling it today but it was so worth it. I love the sunshine!! I needed to get outside.

Anyway here is some video of lolli being a big girl. If I lay her on me she will climb up my body until she can suck on my nose (a trick she must have picked up since daddy uses the tip of his nose to test whether lolli is really hungry). I love this precious little girl way too much.

This next video I let her really get moving but you will notice it ends quite abruptly. That would be because I have a really hard time letting lolli cry. Ha ha We are starting to sleep train her a little... not rigidly but just trying to get into good habits. She sleeps from about 8 pm to 1 am, then 1:30 to 4, then 4:30 to 7, then 7:30 to whenever she wants, usually around 10am. A couple naps during the day but never for more than a couple hours at once. And she has learned to put herself to sleep. I just lay her down when shes drowsy after i've fed her and she will go to bed on her own. This saves so much sleep... before i was rocking her for a half hour and then had to get to sleep myself... but now we just fall asleep at the same time! It took a little bit of crying to teach her that... which made me cry a lot. But now thats its over i realize its better for both of us. Mommy isnt so grouchy and baby isnt dependent on rocking. Way to go lolli!