Thursday, April 1, 2010

What I have learned about me since I got married:

Chris and I have been married a year and a 1/2 now. Times flies when your having fun. I have learned a lot about him and about being in a relaionship, which I sort of knew would happen. But I have also learned a lot about me- didnt really see that coming. Here is what being married has taught me:

1. I am not a party girl. I like little groups, intimate settings. My favorite time of the day is the hour before bed that I spend with my husband alone.

2. I love to travel (thanks mom and dad!!). I seriously may have never known this about myself if i hadnt married into the family I did. Red eye flight for 17 hours? Screaming babies and motion sickness? COULDNT CARE LESS!!! I want to see everything. Will I drag poor lorelai around with me? oh yes. My guess is she wont mind.

3. I love my body! It's healthy and strong- I can clean and cook and learn and make a human all at once! How cool is that?! And I can tell you that my definition of having a "flat stomach" has changed since it is now exploding onto my lap. Its really easy to be at ease with your body when your husband is constantly telling you how much it rocks... even if he's fibbing a little. (hey i've got 4 weeks left being pregnant if I make it that far... pasty skin plus swollen everything cant really be as hot as he says. But i still like hearing it.)

4. I NEED spiritual food everyday. Maybe more than real food. Which is saying a lot seeing as how i am always eating now that i'm at home all day. (oh yeah I stopped working like 2 weeks ago- taking it easy now and getting used to that "homemaker" stuff). When I got into the worst of my pregnant symptoms night time was so bad, and the morning was horrible, and when i got home from work in the evening I was exhausted. Ha ha so I guess scripture reading and prayers took a backseat. Its a slow progression but I got less and less.... bright? Happy? light? I dont know what to call it. I'm back into a routine and have realized I cannot NOT make time for it- its part of who i am.

5. I hate "taking it easy" haha. I'm not a fan of asking for help and not being able to be efficient and just get things done. I dislike how slow I have to walk now that her head is sitting in my hips. I want to be able to run. Running at the gym is like therapy. Its my sweet meditation. I used to get on a treadmill and listen to my i pod and run until my face tingled and my legs burned. I thought I would be able to do this again once I had lorelai but my sister has informed me it can sour my breast milk so she wont eat. Hmm. Well life changes and I guess so must I. I cant think of anything that would be more worth it than my daughter. I'll get into yoga and see how that goes.

6. I hate harshness. I used to think i was attracted to people based off of their humor or likes and dislikes and those things may be a little true, but in all honesty my favorite people in the world are soft. Thats it. Completely different in all other ways, but they are gentle and sensitive. Chris is so much this way and I felt it from his dad the first time i met him. Manly- yes, macho- no. Chris gets that sweet romantic lovely side that is the reason I married him from spiritual meek parents. I love them for that.

7. There are only 3 things I really HAVE to do alone. Grocery shop, bargain hunt, and work out. Luckily Chris hates going to DI and claims everything in the store is covered in some form of human excretion (blood, urine etc...). He loves to let me do this on my own. I am a creepy OCD grocery shopper... I plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 2 weeks at a time and then make a list of the ingredients I need for those meals. I walk into smiths and know exactly where everything is. I even organize the list so that i can get all the produce first, then other groceries isle but isle. And there is nothing worse than being out of breath and sweaty and having someone try to come talk to you. If you see me working out- smile and wave and i will do the same. It will suffice.

8. I only drink freezing cold water (i love ice). I dont care if its tap or evian but if its even just chilled i wont drink it. And I love a little lemon or lime if its available.

9. I hate spending money so I struggle with throwing anything away. I just made an old dress and shirt into pillows. Its all organized so i dont consider myself a pack rat but maybe thats a justification.

10. I love to change the superficial stuff about me. Having a mom and 4 sisters helps here because i get hand me downs of everything. I have a stock pile of makeup and clothes and literally have to spend money like maybe twice a year for that stuff. I love changing my clothes and my style. I love trying new makeup and lip gloss and changing my hair. My hair is my favorite. I dont believe I will ever have one color on my head for more than a couple years. Usually not near that long. Its been brown for a year and a 1/2 now and i'm itching... the next time i get it done there will be a lot of bleach involved. I cant help it. I love walking into a salon and walking out a different fresh person. This is the one thing i spend money on and its a straight up addiction. Chris is against me ever cutting my hair off so the coloring will have to curb my appetite.


  1. Ahhh...the joys of grocery should come over and see the menu magnetized to the side of my fridge...and I put my grocery list in order too...and i can't take Thad with my grocery shopping, because it stresses me out when I end up with lots of things that weren't on my list...
    p.s. I'm going to have to give you a list of my favorite repurposing/upcycling blogs...they remake just about everything into something else even more it!
    Andrea Wells

  2. Katie you are too cute! Lorelai will be the best traveler I know. I wish I was as brave as you with changing your look, I love it! One day I'll get brave and do something drastic :) Oh and I totally know what you mean when having to talk to someone while you are working out...hahaha! BTW it was great seeing you last weekend! I can't wait for Lorelai to get here! :)

  3. Hi Katie,
    Just found your blog on Jans, so I hope you don't mind me noseying in. (sp?) I'm so excited that you are about to become a mom! You will be great. I was sad I missed your baby shower but was in Utah for Crews basketball tournament. I will send you something girlie as soon as she arrives! I'm so glad to hear how happy and well you are doing and loving married life. Best wishes in your delivery and everything. You look great and pregnancy looks so cute on you.

  4. everytime i read your blog i just smile your so gorgeous, i hope your travels bring you our way real soon, and i dislike shopping with others also - you need to focus i get that.
    love ya

  5. Very introspective. Good work. I hope you and Chris are well.