Thursday, March 4, 2010

ode to hadley

I am a fabulous brainwasher. If you ask my niece hadley who loves her the most she will answer with an enthusiastic "katie!" While i believe this to be entirely true, her mother, grandmother, and other aunts disagree somewhat fervently. To prove that I really do love hadley the most, I have decided to write an entire post about her.

Hadley is pretty much the coolest chic around. She is sweet as sugar but she has a mischievous side that reminds me just a touch of myself as a kid. She loves to dance and run around and until recently those were my favorite things too. It has taken some adjusting on hadleys part what with me being pregnant and sick and not able to run around as much anymore but she is very understanding. Last time I was in Vegas for my baby shower she came up to me on the very last night and just snuggled me and lorelai. She is pretty much my best friend. 

For Valentines day we made sugar cookies and decorated them... hadley is just too pretty for her own good. Proof: Just look at the pictures above. Love you little hadders. 

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