Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a difference just a few weeks makes

This is my christmas time belly... this was just after my 20 week ultrasound where I am about 5 months.
and this is me now! 6 months along... sliding into my third trimester now and feeling her move so much. I hadnt grown at all and then it seemed like she just popped out. I love having a belly now. I love seeing her move. Last night chris and I stared at my stomach for like half an hour because you could see her every move... theres an elbow... oh theres her foot... theres her knee in my belly bottom... she was even high-fiving chris and we like to think trying to hug him... it was like she was trying to push her way out of my belly. She is a strong girl. I cant wait to see her pretty little face. I registered yesterday at babies r us and had so much fun! I dont have any family in utah so my friend katey jensen was gracious enough to lend her experienced mom expertise. (isnt it so funny that her name is my maiden name?) It was a blast and I am officially stoked for this kids room. We move next saturday (anyone in utah with a truck wanna help? haha) and I am dying to get into the new apartment and organize and decorate. Thats all for now... i will let you know when my inny belly button becomes an outie or if i start wetting myself. Being prego is the best. :)


  1. Your little baby bump is so cute! I'm available too if you need any "experienced" mom advice!

  2. Oh my goodness! Your belly is getting so out there! I love it!