Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the mind of the prego lady...

1. I wish Lorelai would be here for Easter... just a couple weeks early. April is a good month baby! Share mommy's birth month. Let's see if I can convince her.

2. I love lost. Chris and I watch it in bed on the lap top and cant wait for the final season to start. We watched 2 episodes of season 5 last night and ate almost an entire jar of salsa with corn chips. Ugh married life... you suit me all too well.

3. My husband rocks. AS IF i need reasons... but here they are anyway: he is taking the hardest semester of school of his life and is still finding time for work, he rubs coco butter on my belly so I dont get stretch marks, and when I asked him when I got to be cute again he rubbed his eyes and said "ugh... now!" and then came and jumped on me for a hug. Once again... being married to chris=the greatest thing on earth.

4. My hips kill me these days due to working 40 hours a week and getting my apt ready for a move in a week and a half. Oh and there's that bowling ball I keep in my uterus that is making my hips spread. I sleep with a pillow under my head, a pillow under my tummy to support it, a pillow between my knees so the hips will stop complaining and a pillow under my arm so I dont roll onto my belly. Overall I have decided that pregnant people should not work or sleep. They should mostly just eat. Oh and lose their hair... yeah its kind of ridiculous how much I have lost in the last 4 weeks. Not balding yet but just give it time.

5. Dont listen to mommy lorelai... being pregnant is the best thing ever. I am sure there are people out there dying to lose their hair and have acid reflux if they get a baby out of it. In the last month I have seen so many miscarriages in my office. My greatest fear now is a stillborn. I see it everyday- I face the reality that this little life is very precious and so very vunerable and could be lost at any moment. So regardless of the woes I am grateful that she is staying put for now. Grateful for every check up where Dr Glenn tells me my baby is heathly and perfect. Grateful to hear her strong heart beat and grateful when she kicks me in the ribs and makes me wanna puke. (She was breech for the first 24 weeks of pregnancy and just flipped it seems... all the kicking is in my lungs haha). Thanks hun... for sticking with me.

6. On a lighter and completely meaningless note- THE BACHELOR!!! This is the first season I have ever watched of it and I am so sadly addicted. I watch it while Chris is at his bishopric meeting... sounds horrible eh? Tenley you have got to be mormon... who outside utah even knows the name tenley?? I wanted Ally, Tenley, and Ella in the top 3 so my hopes are already shot. I swear if Vienna makes it another week I'll puke. Not so much because she is stupid and spoiled and annoying but mostly because I am suspicious that she is a transvestite. Did you hear my claws come out? Yeah so maybe its catty but she looks like a man.

7. The baby room colors: red orange lime green and purple... kinda like the picture above. BRIGHTS. I have a crib and rocking chair. Got it off of KSL- both for 100 bucks! and its pottery barn and practically brand new. I will post pics once we moved and have it all set up. Gotta go get dinner ready... nausea gone=lots of home cooking. Praises and thanks.


  1. cute picture!
    I also had the WORST hip pain! it sucks so bad! but i loved being pregnant nonetheless.

  2. katie you are so stinkin cute pregnant!! youre gonna be such a cute mom! im so excited for you!! oh and i totally agree with you about the bachelor! vienna drives me nuts she does look like a man and she has the worst extensions ever! she needs to go home!! =)

  3. barf. i hate the bachlor this season! its AWFUL! i watch it every season and this season is awful, jake drives me nuts. i love ali and tenley but i hope he doesnt choose them because he is awful lol