Sunday, December 13, 2009

last christmas without lorelai hazel

Yup... 20 weeks along and wishing her arrival was sooner. Chris and I are going to have a daughter. Her name will be Lorelai Hazel. Lorelai is german and comes from a myth that a rock face resembled a woman so beautiful that sailors would crash their boats just trying to reach her. We saw the actual loreley (thats how it is spelled at the actual site) in germany this summer and fell in love. Hazel is hebrew for "god sees"and a family name on Chris' side. 

Lorelai's first christmas gift... i wish they made socks that look like shoes for adults... 

The very large and therefore crowded nativity in our front room. This is an awesome wedding present idea- thank you to Brother and Sister Groom for thinking ahead.

Our little tree stays lit each night until we go to bed. It is decorated with hand crafted paper ornaments that took chris and I an entire sunday. It warms my heart... lit trees in homes make me feel that "love is all around" christmas feeling.

Sunday pork roast. I LOVE being a wife on Sundays when my husband is at church all day for his calling. Not sitting by him in sacrament has been tough but the look on his face when he comes home to dinner and a clean house makes me feel like superwoman.

The prego belly... this dress made me look pregnant before i was so it shows it off best. I am half way to a fully cooked baby... come on spring!


  1. Congratulations on your baby girl....I am so excited for you, you'll be an awesome mom. It's fun seeing that you are happy and enjoying life. Maybe one day your's and Brittany's babies will be friends!

  2. im so excited too, 2 nieces in the space of 5 months how the heck will my emotions cope with that, vera is allready breaking my heart, and then another one.........
    i cant wait either but promice me you'll make the most of every second without kids, it'll be a lonnnnnngggggg old while before that happens again.
    love you, miss you.... bek

  3. Such a cute name! She will be so beautiful! Congratulations!

  4. Congrats on the one on the way. We love half british babies!
    We are due around the same time, hope Kaitlin is feeling well. Take care Mann's (all three of you).

  5. Katie,
    You look adorable prego!! Love ya!
    Looks like you hooked up with the George Foreman Grill.:)

  6. katie!! congrats!! you are such a cutie prego woman! i hope i'm so fortunate when the time comes. :) but congratulations again!!

  7. hi pretty girl. i spied you on here and had to stop by and say congrats! your little tummy is THE cutest.

    oh and they DO make socks like that for grown ups.
    just go here:
    >Trompe L'oeil Knee Highs

    merry christmas!