Sunday, December 13, 2009

last christmas without lorelai hazel

Yup... 20 weeks along and wishing her arrival was sooner. Chris and I are going to have a daughter. Her name will be Lorelai Hazel. Lorelai is german and comes from a myth that a rock face resembled a woman so beautiful that sailors would crash their boats just trying to reach her. We saw the actual loreley (thats how it is spelled at the actual site) in germany this summer and fell in love. Hazel is hebrew for "god sees"and a family name on Chris' side. 

Lorelai's first christmas gift... i wish they made socks that look like shoes for adults... 

The very large and therefore crowded nativity in our front room. This is an awesome wedding present idea- thank you to Brother and Sister Groom for thinking ahead.

Our little tree stays lit each night until we go to bed. It is decorated with hand crafted paper ornaments that took chris and I an entire sunday. It warms my heart... lit trees in homes make me feel that "love is all around" christmas feeling.

Sunday pork roast. I LOVE being a wife on Sundays when my husband is at church all day for his calling. Not sitting by him in sacrament has been tough but the look on his face when he comes home to dinner and a clean house makes me feel like superwoman.

The prego belly... this dress made me look pregnant before i was so it shows it off best. I am half way to a fully cooked baby... come on spring!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

pondering soul mates

My new nephew Kason...

Chris stared at the baby for like 6 hours straight... couldn't even be distracted by a soccer game!!

So Dieter (as in uchtdorf) gave a great little devotional on love where he stated that he didnt believe in soul mates. I was about to question his judgement... which probably was not a good idea since he CAN actually receive revelation for me... when he said that he did on the other hand know that after you get married your wife/husband BECOMES your soul mate. I know the point he was trying to get across was stop looking because you already picked yours so dont think the grass is greener elsewhere etc... but I decided it was proof that chris and I are soul mates. Dont worry... I am fully prepared to back this up with evidence.

1. I told chris I was tired of my long hair and that if i chopped it off I would actually style it more. His response? Thats what you said about your hair being blonde, then brown, then when you cut your bangs. How did those work out? ... Yeah remember how I said I currently hate my hair?

2. I love to cook and chris loves to eat... since the day we got married I have made that boy's breakfast lunch and dinner. This is not an exaggeration. But when I got pregnancy nausea to the point that toast smelled to0 spicy and couldnt stand to be in the kitchen chris fully took on the responsibility of meals... by budgeting for take out everyday ha ha.
3. When traditions or views come up that are different, we have FUN deciding how to compromise. Christmas this year will consist of advent and many other german traditions... but we are still opening most of the presents on christmas morning (instead of christmas eve as he had previously done). PS advent is awesome and I love any tradition that requires more food.

4. Chris felt our little one kick just a couple days ago. The baby is measuring large for my dates so I may be further along than previously anticipated, although my tummy is still rather non pregnant looking. We didnt expect it for a while and chris all but cried his eyes out. If I had picked the perfect reaction... the one that i would giggle about at midnight when i was still awake thinking about it... it wouldnt have been as good as this. He kissed my tummy for about 1/2 an hour.

5. Although this is definitely not a comprehensive list (including every reason may take me years and by then I would have many more reasons) this reason may be my favorite. Chris is my answer. Bad day at work? stressed out over finances? needing to feel loved, appreciated and even revered? chris is my answer. Needing someone to hold me? oh chris is THE answer. Chris has no suffocation or discomfort fears. He will gladly stick his face in my neck so hard he cant breath and cover his entire head in my hair all night... in fact its pretty much a ritual. All my wildest dreams about marriage couldn't have come close to the joy I have with him everyday. Like today... a tuesday before finals when he should be stressed out but instead took time to hug me in the kitchen for about five minutes and thank me for macaroni and cheese. So I post this not on our aniversary or for valentines... this post is for tuesday which is just one of my seven favorite days being married to chris mann.