Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The quick update

So sadly grandpa didn't quite make it to the font. He was going to get baptized this saturday but passed away friday night at 10:15 pm in his sleep. But isn't it great to know our gospel doesn't end there? We can do work for the dead and both my grandparents have the choice to except it. Sad story but at least we can still have hope!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Mann baby but I think she's a girl

SO..... I'm pregnant!!! 10 weeks actually!!! Working in an OBGYN office has its benefits and I have already had consultations, bloodwork, 2 ultrasounds, heard the baby's heart beat etc for FREE. Its crazy cool when you hear the heart beat- its SO fast compared to your own. Chris is positive its a boy but i am positive its a girl. I guess we'll see whose right. Another benefit of working in the OBGYN office is that I will be able to tell my gender in the next 2-4 weeks. NUTS. I couldn't be more excited if I tried. It is funny timing- I will be 11 weeks pregnant on our first aniversary (which is sunday). SUCK ON THAT ENDOMETRIOSIS!!! I had surgery in June and the Dr told me it could take a long time for me to get pregnant if i ever did. Well the Lord had 2 months later in mind. Now that i feel safe to blog about her I will be updating this thing a little more.

Update for family- my grandpa was given 2 weeks to live if he stopped Chemo and 8 if he kept with it. He opted out on the chemo. He wants to just "ride it out" which is really hard to hear. But do you want to know what makes it all ok?! My grandpa- who has been an avid christian but entirely antimormon his entire life- wants to be baptized this week. He has met with the missionaries just a few times and this comes as a complete surprise. Life is amazing. Families can be together forever. I love the gospel!!!!