Saturday, August 1, 2009

Its too hot to think...

I need a pool. I need sprinklers. I need to be this child wherever he was when this picture was taken. Thank you internet for providing pictures for my blog. I am far to sweaty to appear myself.

Our apartment is sweltering. the thermostat says 86 degrees even with the swamp cooler running full blast, the ceiling fan on, and a stand fan right in our faces. So we went on a walk thinking it would be breezy outside. WRONG. HOT HOT HOT. So finally we got in the car and drove to BYU to leech off of their air conditioning and internet. Thank you fine religous institution for your cool air and the ability to blog.

Life is funny these days. Going to england has changed my perspecitve on a few things...

1. I love rain. I guess I never knew that growing up in vegas.

2. I love trying new things... especially foods! which is why chris and I now need to go on a diet.

3. The US government scares me. Especially the patriot act. And everything else Bush touched.

4. BUT I am grateful for the freedoms and rights I have here and the fact that I didn't grow up in india. Don't watch slum dog millionaire. People will tell you it has a good message but the message i got was never go to india and adopt indian children so they dont have to live there.

5. I could truly live anywhere. Uh oh, now we will end up in new zealand in a hut with some maoris and our kids won't wear shoes to school. I guess they will be ok. Chris did it for 2 years.

6. My husband is a miracle. There is FAR too much nudity in Europe. The 3rd page of the newspaper has a topless girl everyday. How did he not become a porn addicted creep? How did any of his family remain untouched by the world? mystery to me but I'm glad.

Random facts about England that I learned while I was there:

1."Big Ben" is actually the bell inside the tower... not the big clock.

2.St Paul's cathedral is the 2nd biggest dome in the world.

3.1,694 people got beheaded in the tower of London and it's where the crown jewels are kept, including the worlds biggest diamond (over 500 carats!!). The picture below is actually mine!

4.1/3 of all financial transactions take place in London.

5. Charity shops in Brighton are the place to be. Vintage everything for as cheap as you like. LOVE LOVE LOVE Brighton.

But now we're home at least for a while. Glad to have a job. Glad to have fun co-workers. Glad to have a cute apartment even if it is a sauna. Thank you parents for letting us come stay with you (and paying for literally everything). Thank you Lord for making the world a beautiful place to live. And thank YOU internet- for being a distraction while we start our fast for sunday.


  1. please come and use our pool whenever you want, the girls would love it, amelia is allready devestated when she found out you wouldnt be here for christmas she said ' but i love chris and katie and i need to cuddle them'

  2. this whole thing was just too much fun to read!! I know how you feel about the heat...try being 7 1/2 months pregnant in it! its super fun. haha..AND..i LOVED slumdog millionaire, but, youre right, i'd never visit there, and i do just want to save all the little kiddies! btw..i dont think you even look at my blog..BUT if you do, and i just dont know it, its private if you'd like to view it, i have to add your email if you want, you can email it to me at

  3. Boo whoo! We miss y'all! Come back again soon.

  4. Your welcome for everything. Isn't the world a beautiful place to learn and grow??

    If you are too hot, come back here. It is warm, not hot - lovely.

    Love you
    Mum from England