Friday, July 10, 2009

Lovely english forest near home.

I LOVE these flowers.. they look like cotton candy or something.

YUUUmmy. This is a traditional english candy shop. My favorite right now is suck candy- apple and blackberry or apple and custard.

Three not so witchy witches. These 3 women were burnt at the stake in Chris' home town East Grinstead because they refused to be catholics. They are burried right outside the anglocatholic church.

I love every door in england. They are fun colors with LOTS of details.

UK... england!!

Buckingham Palace... they were doing the changing of the guard.

Wicked in London was amazing!!!!
Skate park in London... we walked all over London for a day and I absolutely loved it. Except for the numerous amounts of pick-pocketers, its the perfect city.

Big Ol' Ben

A red phone box... smelled like urine because of the homeless people... yuck.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

On the road again...

Europe here we come!!! We are off again for another adventure... because our mann parents are the best EVER!!! England, Germany, France oh my!!! We are seeing wicked in london and going to a jazz club in paris... I am probably more spoiled than I thought possible. Definitely more spoiled.