Monday, June 8, 2009

Married life is the greatest adventure!!!

So our downstairs neighbors are not active members of the church but seem to be more apt to service than we are... we need to work on this. We don't even know their names! But they potted us some herbs and they are growing like mad! I am going to make a nice pesto out of the basil but haven't figured out a good recipe for the cilantro. The oregano will be used in pretty much everything!! In return I made them some of the cabinet doors i made for our bathroom, which now have shiny silver nobs on them! And my landlord offered to pay me if I made some for the other 2 people in my complex as well. SCORE!

Chocolate bundt cake on a fast sunday.... this is the way to break your fast! Chris had a rough time yesterday. He was at church for about 8 hours and came home to break his fast (another roast- shout out to the Jensens for inspiring me to be more adventureous with my cooking) and then he had another meeting so I baked this while he was gone. He was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Poor kid was gonna pass out or something.

I now need to document the greatest date of my life. Chris got home from his last sunday meeting and we both needed some fun. I volunteered the lame "lets eat cake and watch a movie" but my husband still has some tricks up his sleeve. We made popcorn and watched jaws in our very own fort. I haven't made a fort in a least a decade! Who comes up with this stuff? It felt like we were camping! We snuggled and I almost took the entire tent down when i jumped at the scary parts. Without the shawdow of a doubt- this is the MANN for me.

You may not remember Jaws very well- which means you should watch it again!! It really is a great thriller!!! This is Chris' scared face... :)


  1. uh, i was JUST telling my husband i want to make a fort and he LAUGHED at me! RUDE! you guys are TOO cute, im glad ya'll are keepin' fun in the mix!

  2. Jaws is sooo scary! Put me off swimming for a while as a child.
    You are such a sweet little wifey!

  3. i love it but you need kids they would love it more, my lot do anyway