Friday, April 3, 2009

those indians have it right!

I wish i was born in the sixties... i wish i was a teen in the 70s... i aspire to be a hippie. Not with all the nudity and drug use... just the great sense of fashion and mad crazy parties!
I can't explain what my sister does to me... but i can tell you i like it!

cheese fest!

My pretty husband. He really knocks my socks off.

So to explain a little bit, Chris Emily and I (along with some of emily's friends) went to the Krishna temple for the festival of colors. The indians sure know how to party! You buy packets of colored chalk and throw it at people... like a food fight except its more aesthetically pleasing and less of a waste. Plus it makes for fun pictures. They have this event in india a week before and then randomly bring their madness to the temple in spanish fork utah. Why there? Mystery. They say that the event sybolizes the triumph of truth and good over lies and evil. I think they just wanna have fun.

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  1. the pictures look great. It really is nice to have a sister I was not blessed with one growing up but i discovered the whole reason behind it when i got married My Mother was my real sister and true friend. To bad your "G's" were ruined but atleast it was fun.