Friday, April 3, 2009

GRANDPA aka my best friend

What is this you ask? Oh it is a couch worth of grocerys...just compare to the lovely piece of furniture behind it. Grandpa Glen, being the ridiculously generous man that he is, sent my sister up with a present for chris and I... $200!!!! Chris and I plan out our dinners for the month so I only go grocery shopping once (seems to save time... but more so money!)... well this just happens to be an ENTIRE MONTHS GROCERIES PLUS... FOOD STORAGE!!!! And get this, we still had cash left over to get some work done on my car! NO more check engine light!!! So thanks grandpa, for your crazy generousity and for always laughing and being a great friend! We love you!!!


  1. don't you just love grandpas? NICE give & I love how you chose to spend it! xo

  2. Kati,
    what's new??? Miss you and would love to catch up. Judy

  3. wow is that all 2 eat....