Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Big Sister

This is an ode to my sister... the greatest friend. She came up to visit me last weekend in good ol' provo city utard. I tried to convince her to move here (for all the single guys but more so that I can make her dinner and she can laugh at Chris' ridiculous jokes). I miss her greatly already. So Emily, this one is for you. :)
There are some things that can only be understood between sisters. But chris loves to photograph them.

Ready for a big night out! We went to velour to see one of Chris' friends in a band. While she was up here we introduced her to pita pit and indian food as well! Our FAVES in this tiny place.
Now this was a reminder from the past... trying to get ready in a tiny bathroom while both of us need the mirror. Miss you room mate/ best friend/ big sis/ supplier of wardrobe/ best girl I know. Love you lots.

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