Thursday, March 26, 2009

HE'S IN!!!

Christopher David Mann found out today that he was accepted into the graphic design program at BYU!!! He also got into the art program (just to really gloat). He is a phenomenon to behold. I couldn't be more proud. So this offically means will be in provo for at least 2 years, and then when he makes it into the BFA program (which I have full faith that he will) we will be here another 2 years. I have decided to be really excited about that. :)

I do not like utah. Well that's a lie, I do not like snow. Utah minus snow would be fabulous! Kylah don't hate me- I know you crave snow but you don't drive yet... you will know what i mean in a few years. I get stuck in ditches, EVERYONE seems to be in accidents... its just very nerve racking. BUT if I get snow tires and improve my snow driving experience I can grow to love this horrible form of precipitation.... because truly it IS beautiful. So I will no longer let this hold me back from being excited.

This are probably the last 4 years I will be able to visit my family easily. I will be who knows where in the world just after chris graduates so chris and I are taking advantage of this time and visiting family a lot. Also, I LOVE being in a student married ward. I LOVE our bishop. I LOVE teaching sunday school with my husband. I LOVE summers in utah and going hiking. I LOVE my tiny apartment. I LOVE living on a budget... chris and I work together for everything and don't take anything for granted. I LOVE our newly started family and having VERY dorky family home evenings together... he prays i lead the song, he gives the thought, i give the lesson, he prays, i make treats... if we had like 6 kids we wouldn't feel so silly. But you have to start sometime right? I LOVE coming home from a job that I LOVE to clean up the apartment and prepare dinner before I leave to get Chris from school. I LOVE reading scriptures and eating ice cream every night.... one of those is a good habit right? close enough?

All right just one last bit of news/boasting....

Chris got a substantial raise at work as well. HOW COOL IS MY HUSBAND?! He is such a hard worker and I love him so much. And I was recently made head receptionist at my job as well! Good news all around. Life is beautiful in every way. We are spoiled. Being married is a great blessing but being married to the perfect person for you is something indescribable.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Big Sister

This is an ode to my sister... the greatest friend. She came up to visit me last weekend in good ol' provo city utard. I tried to convince her to move here (for all the single guys but more so that I can make her dinner and she can laugh at Chris' ridiculous jokes). I miss her greatly already. So Emily, this one is for you. :)
There are some things that can only be understood between sisters. But chris loves to photograph them.

Ready for a big night out! We went to velour to see one of Chris' friends in a band. While she was up here we introduced her to pita pit and indian food as well! Our FAVES in this tiny place.
Now this was a reminder from the past... trying to get ready in a tiny bathroom while both of us need the mirror. Miss you room mate/ best friend/ big sis/ supplier of wardrobe/ best girl I know. Love you lots.