Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I would hate valentines day if I was a guy. You really don't know what to expect... if you go too over the top with a girl she may get freaked out but at the same time if you don't so anything (and with some girls not ENOUGH) you may be exiled from life. Its a tough situation which i have decided is stupid. I don't like the pressure, I am not a fan of comercialized holidays, and I don't like the wasting of money. 20 bones for a stuffed animal that says "You are beary loved" ??? You know that will sit at the top of your closet until the next DI giveaway. 85 bucks on 2 dozen long stem roses that were ARTIFICIALLY grown and will last but 3 days. No my friends... So this year me and chris gave each other the money we would have spent on useless crap and bought what we wanted! Chris got a flight simulator... sometimes when he comes home a little wigged out he plays computer games to relax but the ones we had were getting old. He is actually really into it and getting good! I got 2 pairs of gold earings, one pearls, one cubics. I have found that I am allergic to anything but 14 ct gold or higher... I promise this is not an excuse to be spoiled... I really am! Rings made my hand turn green and itch, necklaces irritate the back of my neck, and earings are impossible. I can wear a pair of earings for about an hour before my ears are bright red, oozing and itching. GROSS! BUT my new earrings can stay in all night and I don't notice! I also got a fake gold wedding ring to wear with all my gold jewelry (i painted the inside of it with clear nail polish so it doesn't touch my finger... this is how i cope) and a black sweatshirt. Don't worry- we spent the same amount... remember that I am the biggest bargain shopper of all time. I could probably buy a house with my loose pocket change. Watch me.

Then we went to the library and I got The Host by Stephanie Meyer (twilight author). Its pretty weird but I like it. We came home and made sugar cookies and decorated them, got our roman dinner together and watched the clean flix version of 300! I LOVED IT! And I have to mention that my husband started this day off right by making me breakfast... my fave, buttered toast with eggs on it. Still not grossed out? I put miracle whip in my eggs. Don't knock it til you try it! Baked beans on toast sounded nasty but now I crave it! Overall it was a great day and we were relaxed and enjoyed just being around each other.

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  1. Oh Katie, life with you could never be boring. You are such a cute little married couple. I miss you and love you tons.