Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I would hate valentines day if I was a guy. You really don't know what to expect... if you go too over the top with a girl she may get freaked out but at the same time if you don't so anything (and with some girls not ENOUGH) you may be exiled from life. Its a tough situation which i have decided is stupid. I don't like the pressure, I am not a fan of comercialized holidays, and I don't like the wasting of money. 20 bones for a stuffed animal that says "You are beary loved" ??? You know that will sit at the top of your closet until the next DI giveaway. 85 bucks on 2 dozen long stem roses that were ARTIFICIALLY grown and will last but 3 days. No my friends... So this year me and chris gave each other the money we would have spent on useless crap and bought what we wanted! Chris got a flight simulator... sometimes when he comes home a little wigged out he plays computer games to relax but the ones we had were getting old. He is actually really into it and getting good! I got 2 pairs of gold earings, one pearls, one cubics. I have found that I am allergic to anything but 14 ct gold or higher... I promise this is not an excuse to be spoiled... I really am! Rings made my hand turn green and itch, necklaces irritate the back of my neck, and earings are impossible. I can wear a pair of earings for about an hour before my ears are bright red, oozing and itching. GROSS! BUT my new earrings can stay in all night and I don't notice! I also got a fake gold wedding ring to wear with all my gold jewelry (i painted the inside of it with clear nail polish so it doesn't touch my finger... this is how i cope) and a black sweatshirt. Don't worry- we spent the same amount... remember that I am the biggest bargain shopper of all time. I could probably buy a house with my loose pocket change. Watch me.

Then we went to the library and I got The Host by Stephanie Meyer (twilight author). Its pretty weird but I like it. We came home and made sugar cookies and decorated them, got our roman dinner together and watched the clean flix version of 300! I LOVED IT! And I have to mention that my husband started this day off right by making me breakfast... my fave, buttered toast with eggs on it. Still not grossed out? I put miracle whip in my eggs. Don't knock it til you try it! Baked beans on toast sounded nasty but now I crave it! Overall it was a great day and we were relaxed and enjoyed just being around each other.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

About my significant other....

1. Where did you meet? At a desert party thrown by my visiting teacher... who he totally dated.
2. What was the first thought that went through your head when you met? YUM. Ha ha I thought "that kid is really good looking... but i bet he knows it."
3. Do you remember what he was wearing? church pants, a white church shirt and an argile sweater over the top... he's usually pretty well dressed.
4. Where was the first place you kissed this person? On a love sac in my apartment... scandal. I kissed him first... i thought he was going in for the kill so i went for it and he sat shocked for a couple minutes before he kissed me back.
5. Where did you go for your first date? HA! date... well we went to jasons deli once. But i paid.
6. How long did you know this person before becoming a couple? 3 weeks. But I had only seen him 3 times... we move pretty quick.
7. How did he ask you out? He wanted me to make him banana bread so I decided he would have to work for it. So I made him a list of to do's. Teach me how to box, write me a song, eat oreos and peanut butter with me etc... and he said "i want to add one"... and wrote"take me out on a date." I went bright red.
8. Has this person ever proposed to you? Yup! almost twice! Once with no ring and again with it!
9. Do you and this person have kids together? no we haven't made any babies yet... but we practice a lot. Oops... sorry mom. :) we are thinking about it in the near future though.
10. Have you ever broken the law with this person? is BYU honor code considered law? Chris never went hom before midnight while we were dating... but Leah was always with us!
11. When was the first time you realized you liked this person? hmm I would say it was 5 minutes after i met him... my roommates wanted to leave the desert party so i talked to him in the hallway for a minute and we stood there awkwardly, hesitating. we didn't exchange phone numbers or anything and I just ran off with my roommates. Good thing he was persistant! He came to my apartment every sunday until I agreed to date him! haha.
12. Do you get along with his family? you mean MY family. I love my new mom and dad and siblings and nieces! The whole lot of them are kind and positively attractive!
13. Do you trust this person? 99.9% of the time... but sometimes he sneaks up on me to tickle and I seem to get spazmatic pretty quickly.
14. Do you see him as your partner in the future? haha wouldn't it be a little backwards to say no? I think I will keep him around for like an eternity or something.
15. What is the best gift he has ever gotten you? my cupcake apron. Or the flowers he came home with the other night... oriental lillies. Just for kicks. He says "that is the first time I have ever gotten a girl flowers" I love it. But he kind of backed himself into a corner for valentines day. now what? Ok so this may be a long one... Chris and I have been thinking about valentines day a lot... we have ruined all the classic valentines day gifts and gestures. I love making him breakfast in bed on saturdays. I love getting home with an hour to spare before he is done at school so he can come home to a clean house and dinner on the table. He loves to spoil me with hour long cuddle sessions and cute notes on our bathroom mirror. We have decided to celebrate valentines day year round. So on valentines day we are going to wear togas and eat ceasar salads and watch gladiator. Its roman night and maybe next year it will be indian or asian night!
16. What is the one thing he does that gets on your nerves? when he cuddles me when i am cooking. haha no secretly i love it that he cant stand to be away from me even for a few minutes but i am just an efficient girl!
17. Where do you see each other in 15 years? Aussie with 4 kids. Chris working from home and loving his job... and me teaching the young women in my ward how to make curry!
18. What causes the most arguments? arguments? what are those? is that like when we debate over who loves who more?
19. How long have you been together? a year now!!! Woah!! we met right around this time last year.
20. Are you married? yup! for 3 1/2 months... we are pros at this marriage stuff now. ;)
21. Who do you tag? britter kritter, rachel orr, jan hodson, kaitlin martin, dixie mann!