Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Starting a blog...

I thought I was pretty good with computers... I have worked with them in just about every job I have ever had (apart from when i was a lifeguard... that didn't even require being alive) so i thought starting a blog would be fairly simple... and it is! If you want it to be super generic and lame... But looking at my friends blogs I thought... where the heck do they get all the cute backgrounds? How do they get that slideshow of pictures? Why the heck does my start up blog suck so much?! But I am getting inspired. I am at the BYU computer lab and the person next to me has been charitable enough to inform me that "its actually really easy. I can do it in 10 seconds." Hmm... well charity aside, I am feeling pretty stupid. But i am trying! I have lost interest in facebook and have decided to try another route. The only wedding pictures that are up were posted on facebook by my husband and i have no bridals, new pictures, or pictures of austrailia up. Be patient with me... I promise it is to come!

I am going to do a quick update and good news minute! Like in relief society! Cheese!!

1. I miss my family... in england and america and austrailia... i miss all my pretty nieces and I am thinking that being pregnant wouldn't be a bad idea... in theory.
2. My friend Brittany just got engaged and I am so excited for her! She is getting married May 9th and is going to blow us all away with her creativity! I can't wait to see her reception in Martha Stewarts wedding Magazine!
3. Chris and I are gospel doctrine teachers and LOVE it. It makes me shake every sunday but Chris always gets the job done.
4. I LOVE INDIAN FOOD. I love the taste and the textures and how healthy it is and pretty much everything about it. My mom and dad, Evita and David, gave my a recipe book for christmas with all different kinds of curries and I am going crazy! I love how my husband's cultural differences broaden my horizons and helps me to find more and more things that I love.
5. My name is changed in every possible place it could be... lisence, passport, social security number, car insurance, health insurance, bank... etc. I AM A MANN.