Sunday, December 13, 2009

last christmas without lorelai hazel

Yup... 20 weeks along and wishing her arrival was sooner. Chris and I are going to have a daughter. Her name will be Lorelai Hazel. Lorelai is german and comes from a myth that a rock face resembled a woman so beautiful that sailors would crash their boats just trying to reach her. We saw the actual loreley (thats how it is spelled at the actual site) in germany this summer and fell in love. Hazel is hebrew for "god sees"and a family name on Chris' side. 

Lorelai's first christmas gift... i wish they made socks that look like shoes for adults... 

The very large and therefore crowded nativity in our front room. This is an awesome wedding present idea- thank you to Brother and Sister Groom for thinking ahead.

Our little tree stays lit each night until we go to bed. It is decorated with hand crafted paper ornaments that took chris and I an entire sunday. It warms my heart... lit trees in homes make me feel that "love is all around" christmas feeling.

Sunday pork roast. I LOVE being a wife on Sundays when my husband is at church all day for his calling. Not sitting by him in sacrament has been tough but the look on his face when he comes home to dinner and a clean house makes me feel like superwoman.

The prego belly... this dress made me look pregnant before i was so it shows it off best. I am half way to a fully cooked baby... come on spring!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

pondering soul mates

My new nephew Kason...

Chris stared at the baby for like 6 hours straight... couldn't even be distracted by a soccer game!!

So Dieter (as in uchtdorf) gave a great little devotional on love where he stated that he didnt believe in soul mates. I was about to question his judgement... which probably was not a good idea since he CAN actually receive revelation for me... when he said that he did on the other hand know that after you get married your wife/husband BECOMES your soul mate. I know the point he was trying to get across was stop looking because you already picked yours so dont think the grass is greener elsewhere etc... but I decided it was proof that chris and I are soul mates. Dont worry... I am fully prepared to back this up with evidence.

1. I told chris I was tired of my long hair and that if i chopped it off I would actually style it more. His response? Thats what you said about your hair being blonde, then brown, then when you cut your bangs. How did those work out? ... Yeah remember how I said I currently hate my hair?

2. I love to cook and chris loves to eat... since the day we got married I have made that boy's breakfast lunch and dinner. This is not an exaggeration. But when I got pregnancy nausea to the point that toast smelled to0 spicy and couldnt stand to be in the kitchen chris fully took on the responsibility of meals... by budgeting for take out everyday ha ha.
3. When traditions or views come up that are different, we have FUN deciding how to compromise. Christmas this year will consist of advent and many other german traditions... but we are still opening most of the presents on christmas morning (instead of christmas eve as he had previously done). PS advent is awesome and I love any tradition that requires more food.

4. Chris felt our little one kick just a couple days ago. The baby is measuring large for my dates so I may be further along than previously anticipated, although my tummy is still rather non pregnant looking. We didnt expect it for a while and chris all but cried his eyes out. If I had picked the perfect reaction... the one that i would giggle about at midnight when i was still awake thinking about it... it wouldnt have been as good as this. He kissed my tummy for about 1/2 an hour.

5. Although this is definitely not a comprehensive list (including every reason may take me years and by then I would have many more reasons) this reason may be my favorite. Chris is my answer. Bad day at work? stressed out over finances? needing to feel loved, appreciated and even revered? chris is my answer. Needing someone to hold me? oh chris is THE answer. Chris has no suffocation or discomfort fears. He will gladly stick his face in my neck so hard he cant breath and cover his entire head in my hair all night... in fact its pretty much a ritual. All my wildest dreams about marriage couldn't have come close to the joy I have with him everyday. Like today... a tuesday before finals when he should be stressed out but instead took time to hug me in the kitchen for about five minutes and thank me for macaroni and cheese. So I post this not on our aniversary or for valentines... this post is for tuesday which is just one of my seven favorite days being married to chris mann.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I really wish these were bigger to show detail but here is a look anyway. These were just at 12 1/2 weeks. I am 14 weeks now. Out of my first trimester and I find out the preliminary sex of the baby on friday. What I mean by preliminary is that if its a boy- it will stay a boy... but if it is a girl, it could still turn into a boy by our 20 week ultra sound. I guess we'll see what happens. Top picture is baby's arm and hand. Second pic is the leg and foot... big feet. :)

These ones are too tiny... I will try again later when i can be more technically savy. Top pic is back of head and bum. Then Spine, then FACE!!!!! woah!!!! I am already wholeheartedly in love.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The quick update

So sadly grandpa didn't quite make it to the font. He was going to get baptized this saturday but passed away friday night at 10:15 pm in his sleep. But isn't it great to know our gospel doesn't end there? We can do work for the dead and both my grandparents have the choice to except it. Sad story but at least we can still have hope!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Mann baby but I think she's a girl

SO..... I'm pregnant!!! 10 weeks actually!!! Working in an OBGYN office has its benefits and I have already had consultations, bloodwork, 2 ultrasounds, heard the baby's heart beat etc for FREE. Its crazy cool when you hear the heart beat- its SO fast compared to your own. Chris is positive its a boy but i am positive its a girl. I guess we'll see whose right. Another benefit of working in the OBGYN office is that I will be able to tell my gender in the next 2-4 weeks. NUTS. I couldn't be more excited if I tried. It is funny timing- I will be 11 weeks pregnant on our first aniversary (which is sunday). SUCK ON THAT ENDOMETRIOSIS!!! I had surgery in June and the Dr told me it could take a long time for me to get pregnant if i ever did. Well the Lord had 2 months later in mind. Now that i feel safe to blog about her I will be updating this thing a little more.

Update for family- my grandpa was given 2 weeks to live if he stopped Chemo and 8 if he kept with it. He opted out on the chemo. He wants to just "ride it out" which is really hard to hear. But do you want to know what makes it all ok?! My grandpa- who has been an avid christian but entirely antimormon his entire life- wants to be baptized this week. He has met with the missionaries just a few times and this comes as a complete surprise. Life is amazing. Families can be together forever. I love the gospel!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inspired by Dixie... we miss you!

Excuse our poor quality picture... a new camera will be the next investment. After the green card... and the mac.... and a baby.... anyway... Cajun!!! Yum Yum Yum... we tried our own version of a recipe Dixie gave me... we wanted to do it spot on the same to hers but we are poor and didn't want to go to the grocery store. :)

Its got all the main ingredients... chicken, chorizo sausage, rice, bell peppers, onions, celery, and creole seasoning... with whatever else we had in the fridge. Thanks for the inspiration sista!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Its too hot to think...

I need a pool. I need sprinklers. I need to be this child wherever he was when this picture was taken. Thank you internet for providing pictures for my blog. I am far to sweaty to appear myself.

Our apartment is sweltering. the thermostat says 86 degrees even with the swamp cooler running full blast, the ceiling fan on, and a stand fan right in our faces. So we went on a walk thinking it would be breezy outside. WRONG. HOT HOT HOT. So finally we got in the car and drove to BYU to leech off of their air conditioning and internet. Thank you fine religous institution for your cool air and the ability to blog.

Life is funny these days. Going to england has changed my perspecitve on a few things...

1. I love rain. I guess I never knew that growing up in vegas.

2. I love trying new things... especially foods! which is why chris and I now need to go on a diet.

3. The US government scares me. Especially the patriot act. And everything else Bush touched.

4. BUT I am grateful for the freedoms and rights I have here and the fact that I didn't grow up in india. Don't watch slum dog millionaire. People will tell you it has a good message but the message i got was never go to india and adopt indian children so they dont have to live there.

5. I could truly live anywhere. Uh oh, now we will end up in new zealand in a hut with some maoris and our kids won't wear shoes to school. I guess they will be ok. Chris did it for 2 years.

6. My husband is a miracle. There is FAR too much nudity in Europe. The 3rd page of the newspaper has a topless girl everyday. How did he not become a porn addicted creep? How did any of his family remain untouched by the world? mystery to me but I'm glad.

Random facts about England that I learned while I was there:

1."Big Ben" is actually the bell inside the tower... not the big clock.

2.St Paul's cathedral is the 2nd biggest dome in the world.

3.1,694 people got beheaded in the tower of London and it's where the crown jewels are kept, including the worlds biggest diamond (over 500 carats!!). The picture below is actually mine!

4.1/3 of all financial transactions take place in London.

5. Charity shops in Brighton are the place to be. Vintage everything for as cheap as you like. LOVE LOVE LOVE Brighton.

But now we're home at least for a while. Glad to have a job. Glad to have fun co-workers. Glad to have a cute apartment even if it is a sauna. Thank you parents for letting us come stay with you (and paying for literally everything). Thank you Lord for making the world a beautiful place to live. And thank YOU internet- for being a distraction while we start our fast for sunday.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lovely english forest near home.

I LOVE these flowers.. they look like cotton candy or something.

YUUUmmy. This is a traditional english candy shop. My favorite right now is suck candy- apple and blackberry or apple and custard.

Three not so witchy witches. These 3 women were burnt at the stake in Chris' home town East Grinstead because they refused to be catholics. They are burried right outside the anglocatholic church.

I love every door in england. They are fun colors with LOTS of details.

UK... england!!

Buckingham Palace... they were doing the changing of the guard.

Wicked in London was amazing!!!!
Skate park in London... we walked all over London for a day and I absolutely loved it. Except for the numerous amounts of pick-pocketers, its the perfect city.

Big Ol' Ben

A red phone box... smelled like urine because of the homeless people... yuck.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

On the road again...

Europe here we come!!! We are off again for another adventure... because our mann parents are the best EVER!!! England, Germany, France oh my!!! We are seeing wicked in london and going to a jazz club in paris... I am probably more spoiled than I thought possible. Definitely more spoiled.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


It is Sunday, and while I always seem to have time on sundays now that chris is never here- we usually don't have internet. We thought this was due to there being no wifi near by but it turns out our computers are just crap. Ben is here and his HP has given me the freedom to write in my public journal. Happy day.
So Long story short Ben is Chris' cousin and he's living with us for a bit. It is super fun to have someone around and chris is enjoying hanging out with his cousin. Ben has a super strict diet and feels really sick if he doesn't go by it so i have been learning to cook some new things. We eat veggies almost every night, dont eat pasta at all. Its making US more healthy!
I got a calling today! I am first counselor in the primary presidency!!! Since our ward doesn't really have a primary its completely focused on the nursery which is just about the greatest thing ever!!! I subbed today and had so much fun. It may help with the baby hungryness... or it could make it even worse. The latter is more likely.
Speaking of babies.... I am having surgery on wednesday. My endometriosis has gotten out of hand and is so painful. So I am having a laparscopy with fulgaration and chromotubation. Bascially they make 3 small incisions, burn all the endometriosis and lesions on my uterus and then shoot dye though my falopian tubes and everything to make sure its all clear. It is supposed to increase my chances of being able to get pregnant (having endometriosis makes it very difficult) which is great news. All and all i just feel really blessed to have been put into this situation. When I first moved to provo I had a choice between 2 jobs and one paid more and had better benefits but i had such a strong feeling to take the other job. Working in the OBGYN office that I am now has been such a benefit. The dr I am working for is doing the surgery and is writing off his entire cost, I wouldn't have gotten this figured out for at least a few years if I hadn't had such close participation in helping others do it. Sometimes the lords way isn't convenient, but it is always the BEST way. Like my husband spending 6-8 hours at church on sunday, not convenient but it has already been such a blessing.My husband just said "hey pay attention to me and watch a movie" so i better go... haha.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Married life is the greatest adventure!!!

So our downstairs neighbors are not active members of the church but seem to be more apt to service than we are... we need to work on this. We don't even know their names! But they potted us some herbs and they are growing like mad! I am going to make a nice pesto out of the basil but haven't figured out a good recipe for the cilantro. The oregano will be used in pretty much everything!! In return I made them some of the cabinet doors i made for our bathroom, which now have shiny silver nobs on them! And my landlord offered to pay me if I made some for the other 2 people in my complex as well. SCORE!

Chocolate bundt cake on a fast sunday.... this is the way to break your fast! Chris had a rough time yesterday. He was at church for about 8 hours and came home to break his fast (another roast- shout out to the Jensens for inspiring me to be more adventureous with my cooking) and then he had another meeting so I baked this while he was gone. He was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Poor kid was gonna pass out or something.

I now need to document the greatest date of my life. Chris got home from his last sunday meeting and we both needed some fun. I volunteered the lame "lets eat cake and watch a movie" but my husband still has some tricks up his sleeve. We made popcorn and watched jaws in our very own fort. I haven't made a fort in a least a decade! Who comes up with this stuff? It felt like we were camping! We snuggled and I almost took the entire tent down when i jumped at the scary parts. Without the shawdow of a doubt- this is the MANN for me.

You may not remember Jaws very well- which means you should watch it again!! It really is a great thriller!!! This is Chris' scared face... :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the much needed UPDATE!!!!

Ok so this is the best picture i could get to represent this update seeing as how my husband is currently finishing work. Chris and I have gotten released as gospel doctrine teachers, and he has been called to serve as first couselor in the bishopric!! WHAT? We were shocked... he is 23. But we are excited for the new challenge and I know chris is up to it. Lucky him- he gets to carry this binder to church every sunday now!! :) And I will probably be riding my bike a lot since we only have the one car and I don't see any reason to be at church 12 hours.

Here is the lovely little thing. It brings joy to my life. I ride daily, and it has helped me to make friends with the neighborhood kids. Its me and 10 little 6 year olds riding around the apartments. They even showed me "the jump" which is just a step you can ride your bike off. I am feeling pretty cool these days .

This was a project I have been dying to undertake since we moved in- the bathroom shelf was kind of 80s.... the wallpaper lining the shelf was rusted not to mention the little yellow flowers which adorned the parts that were still intact.

This is the "after... I went to home depot and bought wood and cut it, sanded it and stained it the color I wanted... the little silver nobs to move the 2 pieces aren't on yet but i am waiting to borrow a friend's drill. Can you say domestic?? I am growing herbs in my kitchen too! Not the illegal ones... cilantro, basil, and oregano.

The final update... we bake cookies far too often. I am really starting to think its a problem. But these were inspired by a couple we have just gotten to know- Jordan and Katey Jensen. I know weird that she has my maiden name! The recipe is SOOO insanely easy! 1 box funfetti cake mix, 1/3 cup oil, 2 eggs! thats it. Bake at 375 for 7 min. :) enjoy.

Friday, April 3, 2009

GRANDPA aka my best friend

What is this you ask? Oh it is a couch worth of grocerys...just compare to the lovely piece of furniture behind it. Grandpa Glen, being the ridiculously generous man that he is, sent my sister up with a present for chris and I... $200!!!! Chris and I plan out our dinners for the month so I only go grocery shopping once (seems to save time... but more so money!)... well this just happens to be an ENTIRE MONTHS GROCERIES PLUS... FOOD STORAGE!!!! And get this, we still had cash left over to get some work done on my car! NO more check engine light!!! So thanks grandpa, for your crazy generousity and for always laughing and being a great friend! We love you!!!

those indians have it right!

I wish i was born in the sixties... i wish i was a teen in the 70s... i aspire to be a hippie. Not with all the nudity and drug use... just the great sense of fashion and mad crazy parties!
I can't explain what my sister does to me... but i can tell you i like it!

cheese fest!

My pretty husband. He really knocks my socks off.

So to explain a little bit, Chris Emily and I (along with some of emily's friends) went to the Krishna temple for the festival of colors. The indians sure know how to party! You buy packets of colored chalk and throw it at people... like a food fight except its more aesthetically pleasing and less of a waste. Plus it makes for fun pictures. They have this event in india a week before and then randomly bring their madness to the temple in spanish fork utah. Why there? Mystery. They say that the event sybolizes the triumph of truth and good over lies and evil. I think they just wanna have fun.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

HE'S IN!!!

Christopher David Mann found out today that he was accepted into the graphic design program at BYU!!! He also got into the art program (just to really gloat). He is a phenomenon to behold. I couldn't be more proud. So this offically means will be in provo for at least 2 years, and then when he makes it into the BFA program (which I have full faith that he will) we will be here another 2 years. I have decided to be really excited about that. :)

I do not like utah. Well that's a lie, I do not like snow. Utah minus snow would be fabulous! Kylah don't hate me- I know you crave snow but you don't drive yet... you will know what i mean in a few years. I get stuck in ditches, EVERYONE seems to be in accidents... its just very nerve racking. BUT if I get snow tires and improve my snow driving experience I can grow to love this horrible form of precipitation.... because truly it IS beautiful. So I will no longer let this hold me back from being excited.

This are probably the last 4 years I will be able to visit my family easily. I will be who knows where in the world just after chris graduates so chris and I are taking advantage of this time and visiting family a lot. Also, I LOVE being in a student married ward. I LOVE our bishop. I LOVE teaching sunday school with my husband. I LOVE summers in utah and going hiking. I LOVE my tiny apartment. I LOVE living on a budget... chris and I work together for everything and don't take anything for granted. I LOVE our newly started family and having VERY dorky family home evenings together... he prays i lead the song, he gives the thought, i give the lesson, he prays, i make treats... if we had like 6 kids we wouldn't feel so silly. But you have to start sometime right? I LOVE coming home from a job that I LOVE to clean up the apartment and prepare dinner before I leave to get Chris from school. I LOVE reading scriptures and eating ice cream every night.... one of those is a good habit right? close enough?

All right just one last bit of news/boasting....

Chris got a substantial raise at work as well. HOW COOL IS MY HUSBAND?! He is such a hard worker and I love him so much. And I was recently made head receptionist at my job as well! Good news all around. Life is beautiful in every way. We are spoiled. Being married is a great blessing but being married to the perfect person for you is something indescribable.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Big Sister

This is an ode to my sister... the greatest friend. She came up to visit me last weekend in good ol' provo city utard. I tried to convince her to move here (for all the single guys but more so that I can make her dinner and she can laugh at Chris' ridiculous jokes). I miss her greatly already. So Emily, this one is for you. :)
There are some things that can only be understood between sisters. But chris loves to photograph them.

Ready for a big night out! We went to velour to see one of Chris' friends in a band. While she was up here we introduced her to pita pit and indian food as well! Our FAVES in this tiny place.
Now this was a reminder from the past... trying to get ready in a tiny bathroom while both of us need the mirror. Miss you room mate/ best friend/ big sis/ supplier of wardrobe/ best girl I know. Love you lots.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I would hate valentines day if I was a guy. You really don't know what to expect... if you go too over the top with a girl she may get freaked out but at the same time if you don't so anything (and with some girls not ENOUGH) you may be exiled from life. Its a tough situation which i have decided is stupid. I don't like the pressure, I am not a fan of comercialized holidays, and I don't like the wasting of money. 20 bones for a stuffed animal that says "You are beary loved" ??? You know that will sit at the top of your closet until the next DI giveaway. 85 bucks on 2 dozen long stem roses that were ARTIFICIALLY grown and will last but 3 days. No my friends... So this year me and chris gave each other the money we would have spent on useless crap and bought what we wanted! Chris got a flight simulator... sometimes when he comes home a little wigged out he plays computer games to relax but the ones we had were getting old. He is actually really into it and getting good! I got 2 pairs of gold earings, one pearls, one cubics. I have found that I am allergic to anything but 14 ct gold or higher... I promise this is not an excuse to be spoiled... I really am! Rings made my hand turn green and itch, necklaces irritate the back of my neck, and earings are impossible. I can wear a pair of earings for about an hour before my ears are bright red, oozing and itching. GROSS! BUT my new earrings can stay in all night and I don't notice! I also got a fake gold wedding ring to wear with all my gold jewelry (i painted the inside of it with clear nail polish so it doesn't touch my finger... this is how i cope) and a black sweatshirt. Don't worry- we spent the same amount... remember that I am the biggest bargain shopper of all time. I could probably buy a house with my loose pocket change. Watch me.

Then we went to the library and I got The Host by Stephanie Meyer (twilight author). Its pretty weird but I like it. We came home and made sugar cookies and decorated them, got our roman dinner together and watched the clean flix version of 300! I LOVED IT! And I have to mention that my husband started this day off right by making me breakfast... my fave, buttered toast with eggs on it. Still not grossed out? I put miracle whip in my eggs. Don't knock it til you try it! Baked beans on toast sounded nasty but now I crave it! Overall it was a great day and we were relaxed and enjoyed just being around each other.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

About my significant other....

1. Where did you meet? At a desert party thrown by my visiting teacher... who he totally dated.
2. What was the first thought that went through your head when you met? YUM. Ha ha I thought "that kid is really good looking... but i bet he knows it."
3. Do you remember what he was wearing? church pants, a white church shirt and an argile sweater over the top... he's usually pretty well dressed.
4. Where was the first place you kissed this person? On a love sac in my apartment... scandal. I kissed him first... i thought he was going in for the kill so i went for it and he sat shocked for a couple minutes before he kissed me back.
5. Where did you go for your first date? HA! date... well we went to jasons deli once. But i paid.
6. How long did you know this person before becoming a couple? 3 weeks. But I had only seen him 3 times... we move pretty quick.
7. How did he ask you out? He wanted me to make him banana bread so I decided he would have to work for it. So I made him a list of to do's. Teach me how to box, write me a song, eat oreos and peanut butter with me etc... and he said "i want to add one"... and wrote"take me out on a date." I went bright red.
8. Has this person ever proposed to you? Yup! almost twice! Once with no ring and again with it!
9. Do you and this person have kids together? no we haven't made any babies yet... but we practice a lot. Oops... sorry mom. :) we are thinking about it in the near future though.
10. Have you ever broken the law with this person? is BYU honor code considered law? Chris never went hom before midnight while we were dating... but Leah was always with us!
11. When was the first time you realized you liked this person? hmm I would say it was 5 minutes after i met him... my roommates wanted to leave the desert party so i talked to him in the hallway for a minute and we stood there awkwardly, hesitating. we didn't exchange phone numbers or anything and I just ran off with my roommates. Good thing he was persistant! He came to my apartment every sunday until I agreed to date him! haha.
12. Do you get along with his family? you mean MY family. I love my new mom and dad and siblings and nieces! The whole lot of them are kind and positively attractive!
13. Do you trust this person? 99.9% of the time... but sometimes he sneaks up on me to tickle and I seem to get spazmatic pretty quickly.
14. Do you see him as your partner in the future? haha wouldn't it be a little backwards to say no? I think I will keep him around for like an eternity or something.
15. What is the best gift he has ever gotten you? my cupcake apron. Or the flowers he came home with the other night... oriental lillies. Just for kicks. He says "that is the first time I have ever gotten a girl flowers" I love it. But he kind of backed himself into a corner for valentines day. now what? Ok so this may be a long one... Chris and I have been thinking about valentines day a lot... we have ruined all the classic valentines day gifts and gestures. I love making him breakfast in bed on saturdays. I love getting home with an hour to spare before he is done at school so he can come home to a clean house and dinner on the table. He loves to spoil me with hour long cuddle sessions and cute notes on our bathroom mirror. We have decided to celebrate valentines day year round. So on valentines day we are going to wear togas and eat ceasar salads and watch gladiator. Its roman night and maybe next year it will be indian or asian night!
16. What is the one thing he does that gets on your nerves? when he cuddles me when i am cooking. haha no secretly i love it that he cant stand to be away from me even for a few minutes but i am just an efficient girl!
17. Where do you see each other in 15 years? Aussie with 4 kids. Chris working from home and loving his job... and me teaching the young women in my ward how to make curry!
18. What causes the most arguments? arguments? what are those? is that like when we debate over who loves who more?
19. How long have you been together? a year now!!! Woah!! we met right around this time last year.
20. Are you married? yup! for 3 1/2 months... we are pros at this marriage stuff now. ;)
21. Who do you tag? britter kritter, rachel orr, jan hodson, kaitlin martin, dixie mann!